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The Berkshire Independent Senior Apartments are designed to specifically meet the changing needs of today’s seniors. Our comfortable units are an ideal option for those who no longer want the responsibility and upkeep of a house but still desire privacy, security and independence. As a Berkshire resident, you will be are part of an active, well-rounded community that provides an inclusive environment where you can grow as person and experience life.  Living at the Berkshire will bring you peace of mind.  What more could you ask?

“It’s the spontaneous stuff that’s the best part of living here.”
- Jack from Berkshire - Oconomowoc

“You get a lot for your money. There is no doubt about that. I went to eight different senior communities in this area. No one came even close to offering what I get here for the money. How can you pass this up?.”
- Nancy from Berkshire – Kensington

“People treat each other very well. When you’re new, someone takes you under their wing. The friendships that develop are amazing.“
- Carol from Berkshire - Kensington

“I walked in and knew right way this was where I was meant to be.”
- Bonnie from Berkshire - West Allis

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